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 (rē-kŏm′bə-nās′, -nāz′)
An enzyme that catalyzes the exchange of short pieces of DNA between two long DNA strands, particularly the exchange of homologous regions between the paired maternal and paternal chromosomes.
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Discovery of Nigri/nox and Panto/pox site-specific recombinase systems facilitates advanced genome engineering.
The GAANTRY gene-stacking technology--gene assembly in agrobacterium by nucleic acid transfer using recombinase technology--is freely available.
pKD46###Ampr, Red recombinase expression###Datsenko and Wanner (2000); Duan et al.
According to him, the mobile suitcase laboratory works based on recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA) technique that is suitable at the point-of-need for the detection of disease-causing DNA in blood within 30 minutes.
coli through the action of recombinase enzymes (17).
A portable reverse transcription recombinase polymerase amplification assay for rapid detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus.
For the iNAD assay, detailed protocols combining silicon microring resonators (SMRs) and recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA) were used (18, 19).
Similar to the Tet system, the Cre-flox system also requires two transgenes: A tissue-specific promotor regulates the expression of Cre recombinase, a bacteriophage enzyme which recombines DNA at specific recognition sequences called loxP sites.
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