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Noun1.recommencement - beginning again
commencement, start, beginning - the act of starting something; "he was responsible for the beginning of negotiations"
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'Well, Miss Grey, what do you think of the new curate?' asked Miss Murray, on our return from church the Sunday after the recommencement of our duties.
As this announcement seemed the prelude to a recommencement of the dispute, there was another interference on the part of the company; and a vast quantity of talking and clamouring ensued, in the course of which Mr.
Release date- 26082019 - Report to Kashiwazaki City Mayor Sakurai on the 'Basic Approach to the Recommencement of Operation and Decommissioning of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station'.
James intends to complete his walk across the UK in time for the recommencement of Parliament on September 3.
Venture Minerals Limited (ASX code: VMS) ("Venture" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that as part of the ongoing Riley Iron Ore mining study update2, the Company has awarded one of Tasmania's most experienced civil and mining contractors, Shaw Contracting ("Shaw"), the preferred tenderer status for the recommencement of the Riley Iron Ore Mine.
The skirl of the bagpipes would have provided a happy clarion call to visitors to signal the recommencement of proceedings, so it is fitting that the band is joining us a century on."
In addition, financing of USD 10m to fund the recommencement of operations has been secured from Copper Holdings, LLC, a New York based private equity group and Cedro Holdings I, LLC, an entity managed by Lion Point Capital, L.P., a New York based asset manager, pursuant to a shareholder and financing agreement between the company, Copper Holdings and Lion Point dated 3rdJune 2019.
He said the recommencement of British Airways in Pakistan was only due to better security situation prevailing in the country.
Summary: Kolkata (India) [West Bengal], May 4 (ANI): Air India on Saturday announces the recommencement of operation from 9.45 am at Kolkata Airport.
Commenting on the recommencement of flights to Chittagong, Sudhir Sreedharan, Senior Vice President Commercial (UAE, GCC, Subcontinent and Africa) at flydubai said, "We are delighted that flydubai is returning to Chittagong.
After recommencement, the chairman held the information minister responsible for disrupting the house and ruled that the latter will be barred from the house if he doesn't tender an apology.