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tr.v. re·com·posed, re·com·pos·ing, re·com·pos·es
1. To compose again; reorganize or rearrange.
2. To restore to composure; calm.

re′com·po·si′tion (rē′kŏm-pə-zĭsh′ən) n.
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Governors of the states making up the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) have kicked against the recomposition of the board as announced by the federal government on Wednesday.
KARACHI -- Singer Ali Sethi has released his new song Dil Ki Khair as a recomposition of Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poetry, provided by the Faiz Foundation.Dil Ki Khair will make you nostalgic while being music to your ears, quite literally.
Le comite central (CC) du FLN tiendra, jeudi prochain, sa premiere session ordinaire depuis l'election de Mohamed Djemai en qualite de Secretaire general (SG) du parti, et pourrait avoir pour ordre du jour la recomposition du Bureau politique (BP) et l'examen d'autres questions politiques, en tete desquelles le dialogue national.
Human composting - also known as recomposition or natural organic reduction - has come to the forefront after lawmakers in the US state of Washington legalised the process based on studies which found it was safe.
"Recomposition offers an alternative to embalming and burial or cremation that is natural, safe, sustainable, and will result in significant savings in carbon emissions and land usage," she said.
Meanwhile, Abacus Securities is taking a look at the PSE index recomposition and expects a hike in the stock prices of both incoming Bloomberry Resorts Corporation and outgoing Petron Corporation.
'Construction workers need to earn for their family after they finished a project-based work or a job order; thus, those who already developed their skills either found other irregular jobs, went abroad or remained unemployed, ultimately leading to the recomposition of the supposedly regular industrial army,' he said.
The recomposition of indices will take effect on August 20.
Within any major economic sector, the labour income share can decline because of reductions in the wage share in the modern subsector or because of a recomposition of employment away from the informal subsector and toward the formal one.