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Later chapters explore how musicians can reconceptualize difficult passages by using notation software such as Noteflight to create practice parts and aural models.
Colette Guldimann, English lecturer at the University of Pretoria, will reconceptualize the legacy of South African investigative journalist Henry Nxumalo under apartheid, analyzing his U.S.
Parts III and IV reconceptualize established treatments in terms of these transdiagnostic processes and suggest modified treatments designed to address multiple issues starting from the transdiagnostic perspective.
to the best explanation, (20) we can reconceptualize the preponderance
The teachers used individual, plural and progressive methods to transmit and reconceptualize Chinese values.
The ECOlogical Calendar, now in its fourth edition, seeks no less than to heal this breach, to reconceptualize time in terms of the empirical world.
However, it would seem to be time to reconceptualize the entire reason for and methods of building materials for teaching and learning in schools.
He argues that an alternative framework to institutional approaches needs to be developed in hospices, palliative care units, or services, and draws from wider social science perspectives in his discussion of this care, how it devalues people, and how to reconceptualize it as well as the concept of death.
17) and demonstrate "the active presence of a diverse movement seeking to reconceptualize the role of media in society" (p.
The authors show how an integral perspective can provide a useful lens for counselor educators to reconceptualize their field and for practitioners to reenvision themselves and their work with clients.
In high schools with self-devised, personal learning plans, teachers must reconceptualize their roles, to become facilitators, resources, and monitors of student success.