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Noun1.reconditeness - wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profoundreconditeness - wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profound; "the anthropologist was impressed by the reconditeness of the native proverbs"
wisdom - accumulated knowledge or erudition or enlightenment
2.reconditeness - the quality of being unclear or abstruse and hard to understandreconditeness - the quality of being unclear or abstruse and hard to understand
incomprehensibility - the quality of being incomprehensible
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Because so many empirical studies of writing are already underway, it is time for someone to undertake a purely theoretical study that neither attempts to escape reconditeness nor emulates social science.
However, several more recent studies suggest that assessments of the novel in terms of remoteness, reconditeness, alienation, unknowability, and inaccessibility are very appropriate and criticism of the novel on this score is strangely off the mark to the extent that Flaubert's very purpose in this work is to present characters, geographical settings, historical situations, and actions that are not only foreign but depicted scrupulously in their essential foreignness, in other words, which are represented in a manner such that the fact and manner of their representation do not diminish but maintain, even accentuate, their foreignness, distance, and inaccessibility.
Management, as a practical discipline, provides us with a platform to bring all human wisdom together, without the strictness and precision of mathematics, and without the abstruseness and reconditeness of philosophy.