reconstructive surgery

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re′construc′tive sur′gery

the restoration of appearance and function following injury or disease, or the correction of congenital defects, using the techniques of plastic surgery.
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Noun1.reconstructive surgery - surgery concerned with therapeutic or cosmetic reformation of tissuereconstructive surgery - surgery concerned with therapeutic or cosmetic reformation of tissue
abdominoplasty, tummy tuck - cosmetic surgery of the abdomen to remove wrinkles and tighten the skin over the stomach
autoplasty - surgical repair by using tissue from another part of the patient's own body
surgical operation, surgical procedure, surgical process, surgery, operation - a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments; performed to repair damage or arrest disease in a living body; "they will schedule the operation as soon as an operating room is available"; "he died while undergoing surgery"
cosmetic surgery, face lift, facelift, nip and tuck, rhytidectomy, rhytidoplasty, face lifting, lift - plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from your face; an incision is made near the hair line and skin is pulled back and excess tissue is excised; "some actresses have more than one face lift"
corneal graft, corneal transplant, keratoplasty - a surgical procedure in which part or all of a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced by healthy corneal tissue from a donor
lipectomy, selective lipectomy - plastic surgery involving the breakdown and removal of fatty tissue
mastopexy - plastic surgery to lift or reshape the breasts
neuroplasty - plastic surgery of the nerves
otoplasty - reconstructive surgery of the auricle of the external ear
phalloplasty - reconstructive surgery on the penis to repair congenital abnormality or injury
proctoplasty, rectoplasty - reconstructive surgery of the anus or rectum
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Having had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery she has now stripped off for a campaign to raise awareness.
She required emergency reconstructive surgery and remained in the hospital for 2 weeks.
Last night they were still undergoing reconstructive surgery at the hospital in Salt Lake City.
Editorial includes coverage off optimizing health outcomes, occupational hazards for healthcare professionals, transfer and safety issues, consultations, dietary modification, OR supplies and instrumentation, patient compliance, wound care and infections, bariatric teamwork, ethical issues, insurance issues, and reconstructive surgery.
He went on to explain that the reconstructive surgery he subsequently paid for cost him his house and his 30-year back catalogue of songs.
Breast cancer patients who have had reconstructive surgery can soon have a finishing touch to their treatment thanks to the generosity of a support group.
While in Asia, he traveled to Vietnam and India to perform facial reconstructive surgery on children.
Mobley completed a fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery with J.
He completed seven years of residency, the last two with a specialty in reconstructive surgery. Earlier this year, Griffin opened up his own plastic surgery clinic, the Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery Institute.
The mastectomy and reconstructive surgery was carried out earlier this week at St John's Hospital in Livingston, West Lothian.
As many as two million women in the United States and Canada, and thousands of others around the world, have received the implants either as part of reconstructive surgery or for cosmetic reasons.
With the continuing addition of organizations representing the many facets of some specialties (e.g., American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, etc.) or reflecting techniques or special interests (e.g., American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, American Society of Addictive Medicine, etc.), many physicians have multiple delegate representation.