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tr.v. re·con·tex·tu·al·ized, re·con·tex·tu·al·iz·ing, re·con·tex·tu·al·iz·es
To place or view (a work of literature or art, for example) in a new or unfamiliar context, especially in order to suggest a different interpretation.

re′con·tex′tu·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ˌriːkɒnˈtɛkstjʊəˌlaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to contextualize (something) again
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The extra details in these new subplots add weight and color to the themes that are already present, but they aren't enough to totally recontextualize 'AKO' for the Philippines of 2019, or elevate the discourse on frat culture.
Operators may experiment with products such as butterfly pea flower and cheese foam toppers to recontextualize traditional teas for contemporary tastes.
She describes work that aims to to push at disciplinary boundaries, engage with the audience/spectator relationship, radicalize notions of temporality, and recontextualize the urban landscape, such as that by David Levine, Lola Arias, Faivovich & Goldberg, and others.
These juxtapositions not only recontextualize the self-taught artists as creative peers but position Feasley and Swenbeck as intuitives in a transformative exchange.
"I tried to recontextualize it here because there is such an abundance of waste and e-waste and what we need is some kind of force to sort through all of that and to sort through history."
Featuring a dizzying variety of works ranging from paintings and photography to political cartoons and posters, "In the Fields of Empty Days" shows how contemporary artists appropriate and recontextualize myth and history to tell powerful new stories about life in Iran.
In "People I Knew for One Year," the speaker lists individuals that have passed in and out of his life, applying later-gained knowledge to recontextualize them and perhaps understand them better.
In the years following World War II, Fantoni would go on to head a studio in Perugia before founding his own practice, seeking to recontextualize public perception of the traditional ceramics medium.
of Texas at Arlington), which seeks to recontextualize the development of American political, economic, cultural, and diplomatic history in light of tensions within the United States concerning its relationship with Great Britain following the war of 1812.
The aim to reconstruct and recontextualize the Xiangtangshan caves is carried on by the authors of three other essays devoted to the history and culture of the Northern Qi.
The pedagogic device allows us to see how curriculum and teaching contextualize and recontextualize social relations, making hegemonic as well as counterhegemonic space available in the field of education (Bernstein, 1990/2009).
In Memoires du quotidien, Derek Schilling seeks to redress that, seeking also to recontextualize Perec's work as an important link in a sustained debate on the nature of the quotidian in the second half of the twentieth century.