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tr.v. re·con·veyed, re·con·vey·ing, re·con·veys
To convey to a former owner or place.

re′con·vey′ance n.
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the act or process of reconveying propertythe act or process of conveying something or someone back to their original location
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The heirs of Greg, Sim and Sev filed a complaint in court for the annulment of document, recovery of possession, and reconveyance of the property.
These skirmishes are occurring over broker compensation arrangements, private mortgage insurance, escrow calculations, force-placed hazard insurance, truth-in-lending and fair lending practices, lien release and reconveyance procedures, and every kind of fee or so-called add-on ever charged a borrower for anything tied to the origination or servicing of a loan.
In its decision, the Supreme Court's First Division said private claimants made the wrong move when it went to the Regional Trial Court (RTC) to cancel the Original Certificate of Title (OCT) and the Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title, Reconveyance and Damages issued by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP).
The PCGG filed the complaint for reconveyance, revision, accounting, restitution, and damages for ill-gotten wealth against the Marcoses and their cronies on July 31, 1987.
The court found that the sale of the property, the transfer of cash, and the assignment of the sale proceeds had the same practical effect as other transactions, such as foreclosures, reconveyance in lieu of a foreclosure, abandonment, and repossession.
The Supreme Court (SC) has ordered the government to answer a petition seeking the reconveyance of a 44-hectare reclaimed area in Manila Bay that was allegedly illegally sold to a private firm 30 years ago.
In a 28-page decision penned by Associate Justice Noel Tijam, the SC's First Division affirmed the August 5, 2010, ruling issued by the Sandiganbayan which dismissed for insufficiency of evidence the complaint for reconveyance, reversion, restitution and damages filed by the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG).
Defendant Virginia Department of Transportation properly offered reconveyance of acquired property at the price paid for land and improvements, even though it had removed the improvements in the interim, the court held.
Capitol Ave., in the real estate default Little Rock 72201 legal market; judicial (501) 219-9388, and nonjudicial foreclosures, bankruptcy representation Little Rock, Fayetteville; for creditors, Memphis, Nashville, deed-in-lieu, loss mitigation, Knoxville, TN; Jackson, MS eviction, real estate litigation, title insurance, title defense and resolution, real estate closings and reconveyance 12 Gill Ragon Owen PA Entergy, American Electric 425 W.
457 (2000), where a taxpayer was held to have merely engaged in an exchange with himself because, rather than using a third-party exchange facilitator, the taxpayer made an outright purchase of the replacement property (unimproved land) prior to the exchange, then conveyed title to a third party for the period during which improvements were constructed, followed by the reconveyance of the improved property to the taxpayer to complete an exchange for other property owned by the taxpayer.
Then, on 17 January 2017, the full Deed of Reconveyance releasing the Deed of Trust on the acquired property was recorded and the company is now in full ownership and has no further liability with respect to this acquisition.
He has held senior leadership roles in Corporate Training, Escrow Administration, and Default Management and also served as director of Serrano Reconveyance Company.