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Noun1.record cover - a sleeve for storing a phonograph recordrecord cover - a sleeve for storing a phonograph record
sleeve - small case into which an object fits
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Ms Susan Meehan, via email A This iconic record cover by the Fab Four really is, er, fab.
A CAR enthusiast has told how he spotted his vintage Austin 7 on the record cover of an LP by 1960s group The Bachelors.
Best Art Vinyl is an international award celebrating the best in record cover design and comes to Barnsley as part of a new exhibition featuring a host of renowned names from the world of music, art, design and photography.
But everything I do has an artistic purpose behind it, from clothing to my new record cover.
The book is even designed to look like an old vinyl record cover.
There are more than 1,000 illustrations showcasing some of the most rare and interesting Stones memorabilia in existence - international posters, draft record cover art, bubblegum cards, jigsaws and other previously unpublished treasures specially gathered for this volume.
A BEATLES sleeve featuring the faces of music executives in place of the Fab Four, right, has been declared the world's most valuable record cover.
The be-quiffed cigarette-puffing bloke on this moody record cover is none other than Lady Gaga.
London, Jan 6 (ANI): British rock band Muse's latest album sleeve has been named as the best record cover of 2009 in an online poll.
"We'll also be displaying record cover artwork from Welsh bands like Cate Le Bon and Sweet Baboo, artists that you wouldn't normally find on the shelves of the big high street chains - not to mention photos and footage of all the ones who've played in the shop over the years.
Jim Cooper's installation Sgt P is a risky riff on, and takes rough format from, the celebrated 1967 record cover by the Beatles.
"A few days later in a record shop the face of Helen Shapiro was on a record cover - and this was that young lady.