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Noun1.record hop - an informal dance where popular music is played
dance - a party for social dancing
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Beamish's faithful recreation is aiming to run a similar programme of daily events, including the likes of coffee mornings, amateur dramatics, a Meccano club and 'record hop'.
From 3pm the days will be filled listening to a UK DJ playing record hop retro tunes while people enjoy chilling, swimming and dancing.
FOR TURN OVER FOR SCOTLAND'S BEST TV GUIDE Don't miss your FREE TV mag in Saturday's Record HOP OVER THE POND BEING N-DUBZ IN AMERICA AND BEYOND C4, 11.40pm WHAT I hadn't realised until now is that there are actually two different hip-hop acts called N-Dubz - and confusingly, they're both north London three-pieces whose members are called Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer.
DJs Rollin' Rock Record Hop, So Rare Record Hop and DJ Woody will fill in any gaps.
It will feature The Cobras from the Midlands and Mike's golden oldies record hop. Admission is pounds 6 and is for over-18s only.
SATURDAY Blackfriars, Glasgow All Tore Up Rhythm and blues, rock'n'roll and rockabilly at this 1950s record hop. If you fancy a change, this is it.
There will also be a 78rpm record hop playing pre and post-war hillbilly, western swing, Cajun, and old-time blues with Redman & Matt The Drifter.
St Mary's Social Club, Melton Street, Batley: Rock 'n' roll record hop tomorrow, 8pm-11pm.
"I had just turned 20 and suddenly I was doing every TV show, radio show, and record hop they could book.