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Noun1.record jacket - the jacket for a phonograph recordrecord jacket - the jacket for a phonograph record  
jacket - an outer wrapping or casing; "phonograph records were sold in cardboard jackets"
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Contract awarded for Invitation to Quote for the Supply and Delivery of vinyl record jacket and inner sleeves for the National Library Board, Singapore (NLB)
Colours are extremely important: Carol is associated with rich reds and yellows (yellow recurs as a motif, from a suitcase to a record jacket to curtains to eggs on a plate) -- but then, as she and Therese grow closer and go on a road trip together, her colours become more subdued, dressing in greens and blues to match Therese's own clothes.
Also available from Triumph is the Speed Record Jacket.
That person might like a picture disc, coloured vinyl or a gimmicky record jacket.
Ranging from Elvis and early Motown to the Rolling Stones, The Talking Heads and 1980s hardcore punk, this thick collection of 7 inch record jacket art provides a guided tour of graphic art and pop culture in the later part of the twentieth century.
A man from England had Hunter sign an original record jacket of ``Young Love.
Running gags include the lads' habit of jettisoning useful equipment so they can schlep all their duty-free purchases through the jungle, and the use of the record jacket from a rare Barry White LP as protection from the elements.
Instead, store the record with the opening of the inner sleeve facing the same direction as the opening of the record jacket.
This song is punctuated with a sample from the movie The Five Heartbeats, in which a record company first proposes that a white group record a black group's song, substituting white faces for black talent, and then deletes a picture of the group from the record jacket because the firm doesn't believe that the Heartbeats' image will sell.