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Noun1.record sleeve - a sleeve for storing a phonograph recordrecord sleeve - a sleeve for storing a phonograph record
sleeve - small case into which an object fits
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As the platforms change, downloading and streaming is the way forward, but, I must admit, I still prefer having the record and looking at the record sleeve.
Corbett describes the record sleeve, the initial release and label, the reissues, and vinyl pressing quality, before highlighting the actual music.
Forty pieces of the custom Midnight Studios MUDMASTER will be sold at the event along with a tote bag and a limited edition t-shirt in a special record sleeve package.
The show is a tribute to Bruce's 1980 double album The River - created when kids had the patience to sit down with a record sleeve for over an hour and pour through all the new material in one go.
Absolute Beginners film director Julien Temple worked on the music video and Bananarama singer Siobhan Fahey's sister Maire appeared as Eileen and was also pictured on the record sleeve.
The art of the record sleeve has no doubt been the subject of volumes of its own and is covered here in less depth.
Ian Payne, aged 49, is the proud owner of a art deco-style gramophone 78rpm Columbia record sleeve promoting the planned 1940 championships.
In fact, look closely at the record sleeve for Hello I Must Be Going and you'll notice the quote "Motown We Salute You.
Sometimes the record sleeve can be more valuable than the record itself if in excellent condition.
The work's most striking feature is its obvious mimicry of record sleeve art, complete with "blurbs" paying tribute to "Satchmo" the "Good-Will Ambassador, TV, Motion Picture and Recording Star" who "thrilled the largest audience ever to attend a Dixieland Concert.
Lauren (14) create record sleeve While such programs are cheap to buy, easy to use and reproduce sound faithfully, some artists and engineers miss the relative simplicity and warm sound of analogue recording.
After working at Terence Conran's design studio in the 1960s he got involved in the London music and art scene, and from 1969 worked with Hawkwind, the Edgar Broughton Band and others, but was best known for his record sleeve, poster, and video work for Stiff Records artists in particular.