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Noun1.recorder player - someone who plays the recorderrecorder player - someone who plays the recorder  
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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Mucha, son of famous painter Alfons Mucha, was a writer, but also an amateur recorder player - the instrument at the time having made its return to the musical world and finding enthusiastic admirers.
The venue will once more resound with music on the renowned Flentrop organ, supplemented with two singers and a recorder player.
Formed in 1997 and named after the flame-haired priest, Antonio Vivaldi, Red Priest comprises of recorder player Piers Adams, violinist Adam Summerhayes, cellist Angela East and harpsichordist David Wright.
MICHALA PETRI AT GREGYNOG, JUNE 17 The Danish virtuoso, arguably the finest recorder player in the world, makes a rare UK visit to honour Arnold Dolmetsch, the man who reinvented the recorder and spearheaded the early music revival.
Tali Rubinstein, an acclaimed Israeli recorder player, composer and singer who specializes in contemporary and jazz music, will perform with the Manila Symphony Orchestra on Nov.
John Williams has decades of experience as a jazz saxophonist and clarinettist and, more recently, as a jazz recorder player (the only one I know).
Professional recorder player Philip Pickett, 64, told one victim aged 16 to take her top off to help her breathing before assaulting her.
Recorder player John Turner, clarinettist omas Verity and pianist Ian Buckle will be joined by soprano Clare Wilkinson.
Comprising recorder player Piers Adams, his wife, baroque violin specialist, Julia Bishop, cellist Angela East and harpsichordist David Wright, Red Priest pack their performances with energy, theatre and visually stunning effects.
Gay, who is also an avid recorder player, said: "I go to a local class once a week.