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Noun1.recording equipment - equipment for making recordsrecording equipment - equipment for making records  
black box - equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight
cassette recorder - a recorder for recording or playing cassettes
CD burner, compact-disk burner - recording equipment for making compact disks
equipment - an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
magnetic recorder - recorder consisting of equipment for making records on magnetic media
multichannel recorder - a recorder with two or more channels; makes continuous records of two or more signals simultaneously
oscillograph - a device for making a record of the wave forms of fluctuating voltages or currents
playback - electronic equipment comprising the part of a tape recorder that reproduces the recorded material
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More police on the streets, an anti-social behaviour van with recording equipment and dispersal notices are all being used to combat issues with groups of youths in Tettenhall.
PSR have been involved with Eskimo for a number of years supporting their temperature recording equipment. Orbcomm's complete cold chain solution including Coldchainview provides all the information needed to maintain HACCP compliance--from point of origin to customer.
WAFA correspondent said five masked men, armed with batons and sharp tools and with pistols hidden in their pants, raided the PBC headquarters in the Gaza City neighbourhood of Tal al-Hawa, before they destroyed a lot of the equipment available at the site, including transmission and recording equipment, cameras, computers, furniture and surveillance cameras.
It is expected that the participants will present their developments in the field of communication in telecommunications, information technologies, telemetry and measuring equipment, wireless communication, and professional audio and video recording equipment.
"So he gifted a barometer and some other recording equipment to the observatory when it opened and insisted that we carry that on, which we have done pretty much every day since, up until about seven years ago.
has been a provider of developing and manufacturing professional, advanced and reliable recording equipment since 1999.
Agent Paul Bent of KFH says that although the recording equipment will be leaving with Lucas, the wiring for it will remain - should a muso with their own kit want to buy the property.
The "Life of Pablo" rapper has reportedly requested recording equipment at his Los Angeles hospital bedside.
THE official report into the Clutha tragedy in Glasgow in which 10 people died has renewed calls for police helicopters to be fitted with flight recording equipment.
Subjects covered include: how microphones work, common microphones, basic recording equipment, DAW recording, microphone placement fundamentals, basic stereo techniques, preparing the drum kit for recording, recording drums, miking individual instruments, and a variety of other related subjects.
The thieves stole radio recording equipment and held it until the victim handed over PS200.

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