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v. re·couped, re·coup·ing, re·coups
a. To get back; recover or regain: recoup a loss; recoup one's dignity.
b. To gain an amount equal to (an outlay or investment): expected to recoup the development costs in three years.
c. To restore; replenish: "urged [her] to catch up on sleep and recoup her utterly spent resources" (Bernard Lown).
2. To reimburse (someone) for a loss or expenditure.
3. Law To reduce (the amount of a monetary claim made by a party in a legal action) because of a failure of that party to perform an obligation under the contract or law related to the claim.
To recover from loss or exhaustion; recuperate: needed to recoup after the strenuous campaign.

[Middle English recoupen, to cut short, from Old French recouper, to cut back : re-, re- + couper, to cut (from coup, blow; see coup).]

re·coup′a·ble adj.
re·coup′ment n.
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The Australian dollar, which has underperformed the other main currencies this week, staged a partial recoupment of ground lost this week, with AUD-USD and AUD-JPY leading the way with gains of 0.3-.4%.
Under federal law, health care providers that want to contest the government's recoupment of Medicare overpayments, or a termination of their Medicare provider agreement, must exhaust their administrative remedies within the Medicare bureaucracy before going to court.
Since 2013-14 the individual schools budget figures within the total schools budget also include figures for recoupment academies, which increases the coverage of this area of the schools budget.
The Tax Court allowed a law firm to apply the equitable recoupment doctrine to an employment tax deposit that was erroneously applied to a related entity.
Alternatively, Newcap argues its failure to maintain those records provided no basis for recoupment because other recordswhich were in Newcap's possession either at the time of DHS's audit or at the time of the subsequent hearingshowed that Newcap actually provided the services for which it was paid by DHS.<br />We conclude WIS.
A debtor could raise otherwise time-barred Chapter 93A claims against a noteholder to pursue recoupment in a pre-foreclosure adversary proceeding, a U.S.
The price-cost and recoupment tests are difficult to satisfy and were imposed to serve the Court's stated goal to avoid condemning--and thereby chilling--procompetitive price cuts.
The "maximum increased recoupment ratio" will not exceed 22.5 per cent of the uninsured deposits of the funds in both systemic lenders on the said date, so that the overall recoupment ratio will be up to 75 per cent of deposits attributed to each provident fund member, the Treasury added.
In Texas and across the country, defendants are sometimes asked to repay part or all of the costs of their court-appointed lawyer through a practice called recoupment. Texas counties recouped more than $11 million from poor defendants in 2016, 4.5 percent of the total amount spent on indigent defense statewide.
The proposed rules would require each listed company to develop and disclose a compensation recoupment, or "clawback," policy that mandates the recovery of excess incentive-based compensation received by an executive officer when the company corrects erroneous financial data by preparing an accounting statement.
"Out of this, Rs 276 crore will be covered under IEBR 2016-17 and balance for recoupment of IR and refinance purpose," the filing said.