recovery procedures

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These will simulate the meetings that take place at the very early stages of an FMD outbreak, and the recovery procedures during the latter stages of an outbreak.
Records related to recovery of unpaid rents from tenants, over-indebtedness and personal recovery procedures, and related eviction procedures.
During the meeting, the insurance companies also agreed to present proposals for improving settlement mechanism between companies in the market similar to those methods implemented in the banking sector, which will have a great impact on strengthening the financial solvency of insurance companies and enhancing efficiency of recovery procedures.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry Features) Wed, Jul 30, 2014 - Recovery procedures should be improved to ensure immobilised aircraft are removed more efficiently from runways, an investigation has found.
I have worked with Mark and Gareth for many years and they have developed a wide experience in corporate recovery procedures and turnaround situations working with directors, banks and other stakeholders of distressed businesses," he said.
At the same time, large-scale producers, in a bid to avoid VAT recovery procedures, may start making intra-Community supplies of the necessary raw materials from EU member states for which they did not owe VAT, which, however, is unaffordable for small producers, according to the Association.
Our recovery procedures ensure we take action in a fair and consistent manner that, wherever possible, takes account of individual circumstances," said Cllr Harrington.
On the slowness of the recovery procedures of misappropriated funds deposited by the former regime figures in Swiss banks, the Minister underlined that "some headway" is being made, adding that "Tunisia is waiting for the examination of letters rogatory transmitted to Swiss authorities to be speeded up.
It listed ''contributory factors'' as including inability of the flight crew to apply wind shear recovery procedures and the use of inappropriate equipment for wind shear recovery procedure during simulator recurrrency.
The company said that NTReboot is designed to monitor and recover several intranet and Internet services, including monitoring specified ports and recovering the service if it goes down or rebooting a server after recovery procedures fail a given number of times.
Essentially, it was just of a faulty component but gave MBC the opportunity to run through its fire drill, disaster recovery procedures and so on, the source said.
In 2010, ten recovery procedures were successfully closed in five member states and 54 were still pending at the beginning of 2011.