recovery procedures

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Dubai Resilience Programme is also driven to enhance Dubai's effectiveness in managing recovery procedures through a timely and participatory approach involving all vital sectors.
"I have formally commissioned the Government's Energy Emergencies Executive Committee to review the emergency response and recovery procedures for our energy system."
Foreclosure laws and housing specific loan recovery procedures had been approved by the federal cabinet, he told.
Engineers hope the solar-powered rover will someday get enough sunlight to automatically kickstart its own recovery procedures.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed on Thursday eight smuggled artifacts after being seized in a train station in Paris-Press Photo Abdel Gawad stressed that the ministry followed the case in the past few years and provided French authorities with the necessary documents to end the artifacts' recovery procedures; the judge of investigation in France issued the final decision on Egypt's ownership of the artifacts in 2016, and handed them to the Egyptian embassy in Paris at the end of 2017.
A number of welfare benefits can be subject to the recovery procedures including : Employment and Support Allowance, Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit, Income Support, Attendance Allowance, Disability Living allowance, the Personal Independence Payment, Jobseekers Allowance and Universal Credit.
It will establish the current state of readiness whilst identifying issues and improvements in policies, plans, instructions, structures and recovery procedures employed in managing an outbreak.
'The data were never in any danger of being compromised by the fire as our data servers are in a secured remote location and supported by world class back-up and recovery procedures.
These will simulate the meetings that take place at the very early stages of an FMD outbreak, and the recovery procedures during the latter stages of an outbreak.
Summary: A major British Airways crash has highlighted the importance for businesses of testing backup systems and disaster recovery procedures to …
The Fire Scout test team, along with Navy Sailors aboard Montgomery, conducted dynamic interface testing to verify the MQ-8C launch and recovery procedures and test interoperability between the unmanned helicopter and the ship.
Establish NEO Impact Response and Recovery Procedures