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1. Unfaithful or disloyal to a belief, duty, or cause: "Consider the man who stands by his duty and goes to the stake rather than be recreant to it" (Mark Twain).
2. Archaic Craven or cowardly.
1. A faithless or disloyal person.
2. Archaic A coward.

[Middle English recreaunt, defeated, from Old French recreant, present participle of recroire, to yield in a trial by combat, surrender allegiance, from Medieval Latin recrēdere, to yield, pledge : Latin re-, re- + Latin crēdere, to believe; see kerd- in Indo-European roots.]

rec′re·ance, rec′re·an·cy n.
rec′re·ant·ly adv.
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An instance of defecting from or abandoning a cause:
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According to professor of the Institute of the Religious Science Bakytzhan Satershinov, there are people among us, who completely deny the national tradition and culture, do not accept the principles of the secular state, do not accept the arts and literature, science and philosophy are considered by them as a 'delusion', and the role of rationalism in the process of cognition is narrowed to zero, based only on the literalism and dogmatism, are proud of their godliness, while the opinions and the lifestyle of the others are deemed by them to be recreance, who exchanged the good-naturedness of their hearts for the cruelness of the fanaticism of religion (Satershinov, 2012).
Critique: A deftly written and impressively engaging read from cover to cover, "Recreance" is the first volume of a new series called 'The Aeternum Chronicles' and clearly reveals author H.
(16.) Romance :: recommence : Vingt ans apres, Santa Espina, Elsa je t'aime (Le Creve-coeur); Un Air d'octobre (Le Nouveau Creve-coeur) ; commence :: romance (ou inversement) : Petite suite sans fil, II ; Les larmes se ressemblent, Plus belle que les larmes (Les Yeux d'Elsa) ; Marguerite (La Diane francaise) ; romance :: demences : Chanson de recreance ; romance :: immenses : Cantique a Elsa, V (Les Yeux d'Elsa).