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rec·re·ate 1

v. rec·re·at·ed, rec·re·at·ing, rec·re·ates
v. tr.
To impart fresh life to; refresh mentally or physically.
v. intr.
To take recreation.

[Middle English recreaten, from Latin recreāre, recreāt- : re-, re- + creāre, to create; see create.]

rec′re·a′tive adj.

re·cre·ate 2

also re-create (rē′krē-āt′)
tr.v. re·cre·at·ed, re·cre·at·ing, re·cre·ates also re-cre·at·ed, re-cre·at·ing, re-cre·ates
To create (something) again; duplicate; replicate.


[ˈrekrɪˌeɪtɪv] ADJrecreativo


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But chiefly, let the music of them be recreative, and with some strange changes.
Besides, I had written a string of successful books, and society demands some portion of the recreative hours of a fellow that writes books.
Is much applauded and encouraged; goes out of the room as Swills; comes in as the coroner (not the least in the world like him); describes the inquest, with recreative intervals of piano-forte accompaniment, to the refrain: With his (the coroner's) tippy tol li doll, tippy tol lo doll, tippy tol li doll, Dee!
Le site de Ghar El Melh inscrit sur la liste Ramsar, un traite international, adopte le 2 fevrier 1971, pour la conservation et l'utilisation durable des zones humides, qui vise a enrayer leur degradation ou disparition, aujourd'hui et demain, en reconnaissant leurs fonctions ecologiques ainsi que leur valeur economique, culturelle, scientifique et recreative.
1991) has graded the leisure constraints founded by Crawford and Godbey (1987) before and suggested that in participating in the recreative activities the most affective are the individualistic factors and the least are the structural factors.
Un concours de peche recreative a ete organise, hier, au niveau du barrage de Ladrate, dans la commune de Sidi-Naamane, a 50 km a l'est de Medea, sur une initiative conjointe de la ligue de wilaya des activites de jeunes et l'Office des etablissements de jeunes (Odej) de Medea.
Similarly, a cursory investigation of current provincial curriculum documents confirms that including music making experiences which are not solely recreative, such as improvisation, continue to gain traction in Canadian music curriculums today.
There is a proposal in the Psychology area of consults performed by students of the first and second year of graduation, with recreative context and not therapeutical, aiming higher envolvement and practice with the role to be developed.
II faut done repenser l'espace urbain pour que les enfants et les adolescents s'y sentent bien mais faisons attention de ne pas transformer la ville en une ville recreative et infantilisante.
In the recent years, dancing, which enables people to be entertained through social and aesthetic means and be active physically at the same time became a very popular recreative pursuit.
With passionate voice: recreative singing in 16th-century England and Italy.
The arts put into practice what the sciences discover, bringing the hand to bear and not just the mind: hence not only fine, but athletic, recreative, and fabricative arts, as well as the arts of communication and of war, all categories in Cutter's 1882 classification (see Table 2).