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intr.v. re·cru·desced, re·cru·desc·ing, re·cru·desc·es
To break out anew or come into renewed activity, as after a period of quiescence.

[Latin recrūdēscere, to grow raw again : re-, re- + crūdēscere, to get worse (from crūdus, raw; see kreuə- in Indo-European roots).]

re′cru·des′cence n.
re′cru·des′cent adj.
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Adj.1.recrudescent - the revival of an unfortunate situation after a period of abatement; "the patient presented with a case of recrudescent gastralgia"
revived - restored to consciousness or life or vigor; "felt revived hope"
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[ˌriːkruːˈdesnt] ADJ (liter) → recrudescente
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And Bashti, who had not tasted a megapode egg in half a year, and who was keen for the one recrudescent thrill of remote youth still left to him, led the way back across the mangrove swamp at so prodigious a pace as quite to wind his high priest who was many years younger than he.
Cette disponibilite, dont temoigne aujourd'hui cet essor recrudescent du corps de bataille de nos Forces Armees, n'est nullement le fruit du hasard, mais le resultat logique d'une vision clairvoyante et d'une strategie globale, inclusive et perspicace, elaboree par le Haut Commandement de l'Armee Nationale Populaire, et qui a permis a nos Forces Armees d'etre toujours un veritable bouclier pour la patrie et le peuple [beaucoup plus grand que].
This phase represents the return to homeostasis and clinical recovery or, in a complicated course, the lack of an inflammatory response leads to immunosuppression, persistence of organ dysfunction, and emergence of new or recrudescent infections.
The latter may well be looking for policies inspired by ideals of social solidarity, not recrudescent nationalism.
This lineage does not include Hubert Humphrey, who relished the memory of doing battle with "Minnesota's isolationists," whose pacific tendencies he saw as recrudescent in the New Left.
D'ou l'emploi de plus en plus recrudescent des expressions comme [beaucoup moins que]crise migratoire[beaucoup plus grand que] ou la volonte de plusieurs gouvernements europeens de limiter l'acces des migrants au marche de l'emploi par de nombreuses restrictions...
* Genomic Characterization of Recrudescent Plasmodium malariae after Treatment with Artemether/ Lumefantrine
falciparum or As given 2-4 mg/kg up to 20011 ([paragraph]) mixed, primary 7 days (varies by (includes data and recrudescent, indication) or As 4 mg/kg published 1998) uncomplicated qd x 3d and AP or As ([paragraph] and severe 4 mg/kg qd x 3d and MQ [paragraph] (Thailand) Community (no treatment) [paragraph] [paragraph]) Mosha, et al., Uncomplicated AL 20/120 mg 4 tabs at 0 2014 *** P.
Three stages were present: (1) Regressed, seminiferous tubules contained mainly spermatogonia and interspersed Sertoli cells; (2) Recrudescent, germ cell proliferation for the next period of sperm formation (spermiogenesis) had commenced.
Talcum slurry has been used for decades in pleurodesis to encourage adhesion for recrudescent spontaneous pneumothorax by stimulating exuberant fibrotic response on the surface of visceral and parietal pleura, which is time consuming and may cause unfavorable complications, such as chest pain, fever, nausea, and even respiratory distress [19-21].
Increases in the ratio of immune repressor cell [T.sub.Reg] and exhausted/anergic/tolerance phenotypes during sepsis mark the clinical state of chronic bacterial and recrudescent viral infections [22, 23].
I heard bad jazz renditions of Velcro schedules being adjusted, recrudescent nagging, and the loud clicking of 504,910,816 seconds until graduation at age 21.