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The user defines the rectangular coordinates (pixel locations) at the end points of three selected stars and enters them into a spreadsheet that calculates what, if any, altitude and azimuth adjustments to the mount's polar axis are necessary to align it with the celestial pole.
It is shown in rectangular coordinates in brightness parameters L *, and chromaticity a * and b *.
In [13], a new power flow method based on current injection was presented, in which the current injection equations are written in rectangular coordinates. The Jacobian matrix is composed of 6x6 block matrices and has the same structure as the nodal admittance matrix.
Under the circumstance that most of the energy is concentrated around the transfer axis when the EM wave is in the process of transmission, and in rectangular coordinates, the PWE for component of I^-field is:
Army in 1947 for designating rectangular coordinates on large scale military maps.
The exterior (absolute) orientation of photographic images has been based on 11 reference points the rectangular coordinates of which are defined by an aerial triangulation approach (Ruzgiene, Zalnierukas 1998).
The below equations are for rectangular coordinates. These equations were applied to calculations the results of which are presented in the next part of this paper.
The first chapters deal with steady-state heat transfer mechanisms in rectangular coordinates; then chapters deal with cylindrical coordinates.
Using the L*, a* and b* rectangular coordinates, the chrome (satiation) can be determined, according to the relation 1(Camargos et al., 2005):
Topics include high-speed square root algorithms, recursive discrete time sinusoidal oscillators, designing non-standard filters with differential evolution, turbocharging interpolated FIR filters, and generating rectangular coordinates in polar coordinate order.
Traditionally, with numerical control, the information that defines the path is specified as a sequence of rectangular coordinates. The sequence, as a whole, is the essence of a workpiece program.