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(Gynaecology & Obstetrics) pathol a protrusion or herniation of the rectum into the vagina
[C19: New Latin, from rectum + -cele]


(ˈrɛk təˌsil)

a hernia of the rectum into the vagina.
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Noun1.rectocele - protrusion or herniation of the rectum into the vagina; can occur if pelvic muscles are weakened by childbirth
colpocele, vaginocele - hernia projecting into the vagina


n. rectocele, hernia del recto con protrusión en la vagina.


n rectocele m
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They often do a McCall procedure when a rectocele is present.
Transvaginal repair of rectocele is superior to the transanal repair techniques.
Posterior vaginal repairs may address an enterocele, rectocele, and/or perineal body defect.
The discriminant validity was assessed by comparing the mean scores of the rectocele and control groups.
Patients with rectocele may experience the need to pass a finger into the vagina and to push down to facilitate emptying of the bowel.
A 2-year anatomical and functional assessment of transvaginal rectocele repair using a polypropylene mesh.
For example, surgery might be used to repair damaged anal sphincters or a rectocele (Fargo & Latimer, 2012), and medications would be used to decrease rectal irritation and diarrhea caused by IBD.
cystocele, enterocele and rectocele are present and remaining eight are incomplete vault prolapse in which cystocele were 6 and 2 are both cystocele and enterocele.
A 73 year old Caucasian female with a history of cholecystectomy, hysterectomy, and most recently a rectocele repair 6 months prior, was imaged by CT to evaluate possible hydronephrosis.
Al examen fisico se documento la presencia de cistocele grado III, histerocele grado II y rectocele grado I, sin evidencia de incontinencia con maniobras de valsalva.
Distal hidden rectal intussusception and rectocele are the most known organic causes of obstructive defecation syndrome (ODS).