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(Gynaecology & Obstetrics) pathol a protrusion or herniation of the rectum into the vagina
[C19: New Latin, from rectum + -cele]
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(ˈrɛk təˌsil)

a hernia of the rectum into the vagina.
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Noun1.rectocele - protrusion or herniation of the rectum into the vagina; can occur if pelvic muscles are weakened by childbirth
colpocele, vaginocele - hernia projecting into the vagina
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n. rectocele, hernia del recto con protrusión en la vagina.
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n rectocele m
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Patients with rectocele may experience the need to pass a finger into the vagina and to push down to facilitate emptying of the bowel.
A 2-year anatomical and functional assessment of transvaginal rectocele repair using a polypropylene mesh.
There was no palpable cystocele or rectocele. The remainder of her exam was unremarkable.
(1) Two third of affected women have concominent cystocele and/or rectocele. Cystocele is primarily the result of weakened pubocervical fascia.
Signs of rectocele. Identify BPH in men, stool impaction, or decreased sphincter tone.
Distal hidden rectal intussusception and rectocele are the most known organic causes of obstructive defecation syndrome (ODS).
Similarly stage 3 and 4 colpocele and rectocele were observed in 30% and 33% of the colpocele and rectocele observed, respectively (Table 2).
Rectocele repair should not preclude the use of mesh, however, especially when a prior nonmesh repair has failed.
The prevalence of cystocele in subjects with joint hypermobility was 41.7% (n=10) versus 38.9% (n=14), (p Less than 0.83); rectocele 33.3% (n=8) versus 41.7% (n=15), (p Less than 0.73) women with normal joint mobility.
Possible: Cysocele and Rectocele (weakness of the vaginal wall, which allows the bladder or rectum to bulge into the vagina, causing leakage of urine), Prolapse, Stroke, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis