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a. rectovaginal, rel. a la vagina y el recto.
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Kutna said they are going to set up a Vesicovaginal fistula/ Rectovaginal fistula facility at Siaya county referral hospital and Bondo Sub-county hospital to reduce the rate of the disease.
Endometriosis commonly occurs in the peritoneum, ovaries, and rectovaginal septum, but may also be found in other abdominal or extra-abdominal sites.
She developed a rectovaginal fistula and other complications.
The crucial part of this surgical technique is the dissection and separation of the rectovaginal wall at full thickness.
Therefore, rectovaginal space dissection became inevitable to treat the obstruction.
In the same session, rectovaginal fascia dissection was performed from posterior vagina, and grade IV posterior prolapse was dissected broadly up to the apical region.
It is characterized by the presence of endometrial glands and stroma outside the uterine cavity and is usually found in the ovaries, rectovaginal pouch, and pelvic peritoneum.
La localizacion ileocecal tiene una fuerte asociacion (94 %) con la endometriosis rectovaginal (13) y generalmente esta asociada a otras lesiones intestinales, es muy raro el compromiso aislado (14).
Posterior compartment prolapse is caused by weakness or injury of the rectovaginal septum resulting in protrusion of the rectum (rectocele) and/or the small bowel (enterocele).
7%o) rectovaginal fistula had manifested on fourth post-operative day.
All women who are undergoing surveillance for gynecologic cancers should receive physical examinations that include a pelvic exam with a speculum and bimanual exam with rectovaginal exam.
Pelvic sites are ovaries, posterior cul-de-sac, uterine ligaments, pelvic peritoneum, bowel, and rectovaginal septum, whereas extrapelvic endometriosis sites are nervous system, thorax, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, and cesarean scar site.