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Noun1.quadriceps femoris - a muscle of the thigh that extends the leg
extensor, extensor muscle - a skeletal muscle whose contraction extends or stretches a body part
thigh - the part of the leg between the hip and the knee
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KT (Kinesio Tex Gold, Kinesio[R]; Albuquerque, New Mexico) was applied to the vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and rectus femoris muscles bilaterally using the muscle stimulation technique (from origin to insertion without tension) in Kase et al.
The five muscles are Adductor Magnus, Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Rectus Femoris and Iliacus.
Bilateral tunnels were created beneath the rectus femoris muscle and medial thigh skin connecting the donor site and the scrotal defect.
The rectus femoris originates at the front of the ilium, which is part of the pelvis.
Examined muscles of upper and lower extremity Proximal muscles Distal muscles Deltoid- medial head Brachioradialis Biceps brachii Flexor carpi radialis Triceps Extansor digitorum communis Iliopsoas Flexor carpi ulnaris Tensor facia lata First dorsal interossous Rectus femoris Tibialis anterior Vastus lateralis Peroneus longus Vastus medialis Gastrocnemius medial head Table 2.
The results show that one of the extension muscles of the knee, rectus femoris muscle, belonging to the quadriceps muscle group, has different contraction, contraction maintenance and recovery times according to the specific position of the player on the pitch.
Long-term results after distal rectus femoris transfer as a part of multilevel surgery for the correction of stiff knee gait in spastic diplegic
And since I'm very flexible in my hips, the combination of these two elements has led to injuries," like a serious tear in her rectus femoris (a quadriceps muscle) in 2006.
Brewer in 1960 and Craig in 1973 found that muscles that cross two joints are more commonly strained, for example the hamstrings, gastrocnemius, biceps brachii, triceps, and rectus femoris.
A thickly folded towel can be placed under knee to further stretch rectus femoris.
The investigators (1) placed uniaxial accelerometers over the rectus femoris muscle and patellar tendon while the subjects performed an isometric ramp contraction of the leg extensors from 10-90% of the maximal voluntary contraction (MVC).
Rapidly chasing down the times of those "big boys" last summer, Meredith's winter season was cut short due to a nasty four inch by two inch tear in his Rectus Femoris muscle sustained whilst training in South Africa.

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