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1. Lying down, especially in a position of comfort or rest; reclining.
2. Resting; idle.
3. Biology Resting on the surface from which it arises. Used of an organ or other structure.
A recumbent bicycle.

[Latin recumbēns, recumbent-, present participle of recumbere, to lie down : re-, re- + cumbere, to lie.]

re·cum′bence, re·cum′ben·cy n.
re·cum′bent·ly adv.
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If downer cows are fed high energy, high protein diet with correct balance of minerals and vitamins early enough in their recumbence, they actually improve their body condition, regain their muscle strength and are able to stand again.Majority of downer cows do not recover because the farmers do not realise the feed they give is short of energy, proteins, minerals and vitamins.
al (2000) method which considers behavioral observations as sternal phaseadoption or no sternal recumbence, number of attempts to get up, help needed in the recovery room and complications during anesthetic recovery.
Neurologic signs of infection in horses are similar for both lineages and include ataxia, weakness, recumbence, seizures, and muscle fasciculation (8,10).
A total of 15 animals showed absence of vocalization, with moderate muscle relaxation and wing movement upon handling, and 2 animals presented with lateral recumbence, with intense muscle relaxation and no wing movement, requiring no restraint.
Transthoracic echocardiography was performed after the experimental period, and was based on the average of three consecutive cardiac cycles using Sequoia 512 equipment (ACUSON Corporation, USA) with a 10- to 14-MHz multifrequency linear transducer placed on the animal's shaved chest (lateral recumbence).
A comparison was made between standing versus right lateral recumbence esophagotomy adopted for mid and distal cervical choke.
The pigs were anaesthetized with propofol, intubated (for mechanical ventilation), and placed in dorsal recumbence as described by Alstrup and Winterdahl [8].
Comparison of prevalence of postdural puncture headache between six hour-supine recumbence and early ambulation after lumbar puncture in Thai patients: a randomized controlled study.