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1. Lying down, especially in a position of comfort or rest; reclining.
2. Resting; idle.
3. Biology Resting on the surface from which it arises. Used of an organ or other structure.
A recumbent bicycle.

[Latin recumbēns, recumbent-, present participle of recumbere, to lie down : re-, re- + cumbere, to lie.]

re·cum′bence, re·cum′ben·cy n.
re·cum′bent·ly adv.
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Concerns on suspected swine fever rose after farmers said their livestock showed loss of appetite, recumbency, vomiting, skin hemorrhage, dark discoloration in the extremities, and sudden death
Based on the report of the Department of Agriculture's (DA) Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), pigs in affected backyard swine farms have been showing loss of appetite, recumbency, vomiting, skin hemorrhages, dark discoloration, and sudden death.
Afflicted pigs show loss of appetite, recumbency, and suffer from vomiting, skin hemorrhage and discoloration in the extremities.
A DA update on the abnormal pig deaths in Rizal showed that affected swine farmers said the pigs experienced loss of appetite, vomiting, skin hemorrhage, recumbency, discoloration in the extremities and sudden death.
2016 I Progressive neurologic signs including S012722-1 tetraparesis, recumbency, ataxia, and death were observed in several lambs S012722-2 beginning at 2-3 weeks of age in a flock of 200 ewes that was accredited free of maedi-visna virus.
For anaesthetic indices the degree, duration, onset of sedation and anaesthesia; nature and duration of recovery; standing time; and duration of recumbency in each animal were recorded with each treatment.
Baseline heart and respiratory rates and sedation score were collected and, after injection, time to initial effects and initial recumbency were recorded.
'He had a hypostatic congestion on the left lung due to prolonged recumbency on left lateral side, a congested heart, congested liver and mild hepatomegaly, petechial haemorrhage spleen, pale kidney, a normal stomach and intestinal content with inflammation of intestinal mucosa,' said Nurain.
Lock jaw, recumbency, respiratory distress and whole-body rigor can occur.
During examination, dog showed resistance to dorsal recumbency and weakness on forelimbs.
Liam Kearns, who led the veterinary team at Cheltenham, said yesterday: "Most of the horses we deal with in recumbency for a long time are down due to falling or being brought down so there is a physical trauma involved and you are trying to assess what physical injury might be affecting a horse's nervous system.
The calves were hoisted, transferred onto a surgical table, placed in right lateral recumbency and were allowed to breathe room air (Fi[O.sub.2] = 0.21) throughout the experiment Immediately thereafter, anesthesia was maintained with a CRI of propofol, administered using an infusion pumpe at an IV rate of 0.6mg [kg.sup.-1] [min.sup.-1], combined with or without the CRI of fentanyl at a 0.