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1. Occurring or appearing again or repeatedly.
2. Anatomy Turning in a reverse direction. Used of blood vessels and nerves.

re·cur′rent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.recurrently - in a recurrent manner
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Where our police force has recurrently been on the receiving end of public and institutional ire and chastisement, its is unequivocal that it is the undervalued police personnel in the front lines in such barbaric acts who lay down their lives protecting citizens.
With PARL-EGYPT-TERROR) CAIRO, Feb 8 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti delegates to the third conference of the Arab Parliament and heads of Arab parliaments regretted that some Arab countries are recurrently hit by terrorist attacks.
The agency's water supply and drainage operations are recurrently stalled by protesting staff.
Alvarez had recurrently criticized the Senate for its slow action on legislative measures in several interviews.
Professor Toch deftly explores the personal motives, attitudes, assumptions, and perceptions of men who are recurrently violent.
Sessions are provided as the campers recurrently return to the IRC after each three-week stay in the community, which is a design based on the requirements of the UNODC Declaration of 2012, the Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act of 2002 and the Manual of Operations for Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers of the Department of Health.
Tal Afar has seen occasional, mysterious killings of ISIL militants, with reports recurrently telling of serious divisions within the group's members there.
The research is on males who have recurrently done physical harm to other people.
The best way to avoid recurrently being exposed to antibiotics is to prevent yourself or your child from getting infections in the first place," says Rajapakse.
Dunkley's book contends that 'one world mania' accentuates economic inequalities and recurrently produces disappointing outcomes, even by conventional business criteria such as productivity and faster economic growth rates.
Warnings should be issued to residents who are found to dispose wrongly and fines should be imposed when caught recurrently.
But "over the last few years another category of countries has been gaining relevance: Countries that are recurrently affected by catastrophes such as the Philippines and Pakistan," it said.