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The meadow was being recut, the great red poppies were reopening in the garden.
However, in 1852, Garrards of London recut the stone to its current form, a shallow, oval brilliant-cut diamond weighing 105.6 carats.
They recut existing clothes or surplus stock for their glamorous futurist evening and streetwear.
"To do something new we would take a garment apart and recut it, or put it back together in our way," she Bosch, who met Gadient in fashion school in Switzerland.
To initiate the flowering process, completely soak the shoots in a tub of warm water for 3 to 4 hours; then recut the stems on a diagonal and stand them in a bucket of cold water so that the bottom quarter of each stem is submerged.
"Once Upon a Deadpool" is a recut version of the R-rated summer sequel that tones down the language and violence to secure a PG-13 rating.
That means you will have to either weld up and recut the extractor or make a newone from scratch; not an impossible job if you have the equipment and the skill.
BBC2 just needs to recut its comedy drama Mum and release it as a movie this summer.
Grace a son succes populaire a travers le monde dans la deuxieme moitie du XXe siecle, elle recut de nombreux surnoms.
Fisher's gem recutting department can recut damaged diamonds or gemstones to yield the maximum recut weight.
In phase 2, the negative cases were recut at deeper levels and stained with all 3 stains.