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Noun1.recycling bin - a bin for depositing things to be recycledrecycling bin - a bin for depositing things to be recycled
bin - a container; usually has a lid
bottle bank - a place where bottles can be deposited for recycling
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The less we contaminate our recycling, the easier it will be to meet targets, reduce costs and contribute towards a more environmentally sustainable place to live." For more information on what can and can't be recycled in your recycling bin or bag, visit
A statement from Aberdeenshire Council said: "Any non-recyclable material placed into the recycling bin is classed as contamination, which could spoil the recyclates in any load.
Those who ignore that advice could run the risk of their recycling bin being removed.
It's never ever difficult to spot a trash can or a recycling bin. The reason why people litter is not due to lack of amenities or facilities.
But this hotch-potch approach can cause confusion about what can go in the recycling bin.
Wrong things in the recycling bin lowers the quality and the value of the recycling, which can cause whole lorry loads to be rejected and not recycled.
Environmental bosses are asking folk to do their bit for the planet by putting the cards, paper and packaging in their blue recycling bin.
I do not have a recycling bin for glass and plastic.
And is there something that should never in any circumstances be put in the recycling bin? So Santa, with a little help from Gateshead Council, has brought a handy guide.
Stephen Batt from Ystrad Mynach was driven to desperate measures after his recycling bin was refused for the third time in a row, with bin men claiming his waste contained incorrect items.
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