red Tory

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Red Tory

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Canadian a Conservative who holds liberal or mildly socialist views on certain fiscal and social issues
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red′ To′ry

n. Canadian.
a member of the Progressive Conservative Party who is less conservative than other members.
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This was how he hit back at claims of being a "Red Tory" traitor: "I've stayed the same for over 40 years.
LABOUR'S Jeremy Corbyn has dismissed "strange" descriptions of Theresa May as a "red Tory" or "Blue Labour", but declined to say whether he thinks of himself as "mainstream" like the Prime Minister.
Is she, as some commentators suggested, a "red Tory"?
There are things that will resonate with Prime Minister Theresa May's red Tory advisers, and more widely.
She told her trial she tried to start a conversation with alleged victim Patricia McLeish but was called a Red Tory and then accused of kicking her.
"The party conference clearly demonstrates that the hard left have the Labour Party by the throat and anyone who disagrees is regarded as a traitor or 'red Tory'.
In theory, "Tory" is even worse - but looking at the debate on social media platforms such as Twitter and in Corbyn-supporting blogs such as, it seems that Blairite and Tory (or "Red Tory") have become synonymous anyway.
A new PM, keen to establish her Red Tory, compassionate Conservative credentials, might feel Manchester particularly and 'the North' generally were so prioritised and patronised by Osborne that it's the turn of other regions.
After all, Paddy served in the last Labour government and is therefore likely seen by Momentum as a Red Tory, as a sell-out, not a true socialist.
He is clearly no "red Tory" and it would be foolish to depict him as such.
But Labour has not been ready to hear such an uncompromising message, and Ms Kendall has too easily allowed herself to be characterised by her opponents as a 'Blue Labour' or even 'Red Tory' candidate who would divide the party.
Probably no term has been more frequently misused (and overused) in recent Canadian political discourse than Red Tory, and it is well to recall what Gad Horowitz really meant when he invented the term almost half a century ago.