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Noun1.Red brass - brass with enough copper to give it a reddish tintred brass - brass with enough copper to give it a reddish tint; used for plumbing pipe and other brass hardware and in cheap jewelry
brass - an alloy of copper and zinc
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This led to the creation of many new horns including the Conn 8DY (yellow brass), the 8DR (red brass) models, including screw bell options for all.
In addition to yellow brass, the cast copper-manganese alloys compare favorably with bearing bronze C932 (83-7Sn-7Pb-3Zn), bismuth bronze C89833 (88-5Sn-2.2Bi-4Zn-1Ni) and leaded red brass C836 (85-5Sn-5Pb-5Zn).
It is made of red brass and dates back to the period between 650-600 B.C.
He has a model of an 1886 Kirby horse-drawn mower, an 1858 Buckeye wood frame mower and a Buckeye Red brass mower, an Avery walking plow, a Buckeye reaper and more.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) 85 tons of red brass, also (b) different iron & steel items including channels, angles, plates & construction steel.
A later band which she sang for, Red Brass, auditioned an 18-year-old Annie Lennox.
Created for teachers that prefer a traditional student trumpet design, the Bach TR500 trumpet features a .460" bore, nickel silver trim, a red brass lead pipe and a pin-style third slide stop.
Metal couplings made of sheet and/or red brass have always been used for sizable leaks or badly split sections of hose, but plastic couplings can be used on large or small leaks.
To make its product, Federal Metal relies on the nonferrous scrap stream--buying a full range of copper-based scrap, such as radiators, red brass, No.
These include red brass containing 85 percent copper and 15 percent zinc; commercial bronze, containing 90 percent copper and 10 percent zinc; stainless steel; and a good grade of copper.