red deer

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red deer

A large reddish-brown or grayish deer (Cervus elaphus) of Eurasia and North Africa, having long branching antlers in the male. The closely related North American elk is sometimes considered a subspecies of the red deer.

red deer

(Animals) a large deer, Cervus elaphus, formerly widely distributed in the woodlands of Europe and Asia. The coat is reddish-brown in summer and the short tail is surrounded by a patch of light-coloured hair

Red Deer

1. (Placename) a town in S Alberta on the Red Deer River: trade centre for mixed farming, dairying region, and natural gas processing. Pop: 67 707 (2001)
2. (Placename) a river in W Canada, in SW Alberta, flowing southeast into the South Saskatchewan River. Length: about 620 km (385 miles)
3. (Placename) a river in W Canada, flowing east through Red Deer Lake into Lake Winnipegosis. Length: about 225 km (140 miles)

red′ deer′

1. a deer, Cervus elaphus, of Europe and Asia, having a reddish brown summer coat.
2. the white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, in its summer coat.

Red′ Deer`

a city in S central Alberta, in W Canada. 54,425.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: deer - common deer of temperate Europe and Asiared deer - common deer of temperate Europe and Asia
cervid, deer - distinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers
Cervus, genus Cervus - the type genus of the Cervidae
stag, hart - a male deer, especially an adult male red deer
hind - a female deer, especially an adult female red deer
brocket - male red deer in its second year

red deer

n pl invcervo/a
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With my glass I could make out a species of large red deer, some antelope and what appeared to be a species of horse; and once I saw the shaggy form of what might have been a monstrous bison.
To the west the country was flat and sparsely wooded, and here it was that we saw our first game--a large red deer.
We gathered up what was left of the red deer after skinning and cleaning it, and set out upon our return journey toward the U-boat.
To the forest of merrie Sherwood, To view the red deer, that range here and there, There met he with bold Robin Hood.
Alleyne gave his staff a merry flourish, however, and the red deer bethought him that the King was far off, so streaked away from whence he came.
We tramped away from the river for upwards of an hour before discovering anything, and then only a small red deer, which Taylor brought down with a neat shot of two hundred yards.
In the morning I saw a red deer, a buck with a fine spread of antlers, standing in the rain on the top of the island; but he had scarce seen me rise from under my rock, before he trotted off upon the other side.
There were aurochs, red deer, saber-tooth tiger, cave-bear, hyaenadon and many other examples of the fauna of Caspak done in colors, usually of four shades of brown, or scratched upon the surface of the rock.
The reproduction time for red deer, white fallow deer and fallow deer is between the end of May to July.
Red Deer College (RDC) currently offers a number of degrees in partnership with other universities.
Once again the tasty, sweet-and-spicy flavor of the Filipino pork barbecue was a hit during the Canada Day celebration in Red Deer, some 154 kms south of Edmonton City, the Alberta capital.
The regional forestry department said Thursday that the population of the Tibetan red deer, a species on the verge of extinction, has been growing since the late 1990s, with over 8,300 today.

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