References in classic literature ?
What a red rag is to a bull, Turner's "Slave Ship" was to me, before I studied art.
But I'll bring you my little chair, and some bits o' red rag and things for her to play wi'; an' she'll sit and chatter to 'em as if they was alive.
You say you don't see much in it all--nothing but a struggling mass of boys, and a leather ball which seems to excite them all to great fury, as a red rag does a bull.
On she tottered, her apparel hanging round her in red rags, a hundred wounds upon her face and form.
A few families ruling the roost is hence like a red rag to the bull.
To use an old cliche, it will be rather like a red rag to a bull to the agriculture industry, which is working so hard to promote Scotland's quality beef, pork and lamb.
Like a red rag to a bull, Cardi B called out for not "even f***ing keep up with your f***ing lies," as she looked to put the record straight about the 'fight' at Harpers Bazaar ICONS party on September 7.
I suppose the predominantly red flag could be interpreted as a "red rag to a bull".
Now all Prime Minister May has to do is sell that red rag to the bulls in the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist party on which she relies on to rule.
Allowing activities such as dance is equal to showing the red rag to the bull of extremism.
And while these two would usually be like a red rag to me, while I'd bang on about how much they cost the NHS, how they don't deserve help because they've done nothing to help themselves, how their problem is greed not addiction, the indisputable fact is they WILL die before their time.
The spread of fundamental Islamic practices, including strict dress codes for women (in particular), and the proliferation of Mosques belonging to these fundamental groups, is a red rag to elements of other communities, in particular to those within the Sinhala Buddhist community.