red raspberry

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: raspberry - any of several raspberries bearing red fruitred raspberry - any of several raspberries bearing red fruit
raspberry, raspberry bush - woody brambles bearing usually red but sometimes black or yellow fruits that separate from the receptacle when ripe and are rounder and smaller than blackberries
European raspberry, framboise, Rubus idaeus, wild raspberry - the common European raspberry; fruit red or orange
American raspberry, Rubus idaeus strigosus, Rubus strigosus - red raspberry of North America
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Garlic, catnip tea or red raspberry leaf mixed with water are known for their nutritional benefits that could fight infection and inflammation.
Blackberry, black raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, red raspberry, and strawberry extract inhibit growth and stimulate apoptosis of human cancer cells in vitro.
For instance, Earth Mama uses organic red raspberry seed oil, which has the highest naturally-occurring SPF value in the plant world, as well as organic colloidal oatmeal, to calm rashy skin.
Red raspberry leaf (RRL), literally the leaves of the plant that provides us with delicious raspberry fruits, has been used for at least centuries in Europe and amongst North American native tribes as a mineral-rich tonic tea, to support a healthy pregnancy and "tone" the uterus to help women prepare for birth.
Heritage red raspberry, the first of the new introductions, is still widely grown.
It comes in three flavors: sweet orange, red raspberry and tropical pineapple.
These last few days, as I've enjoyed the privilege of making smoothies I know my older kids will like, making my wife red raspberry leaf tea to ease her uterine contractions, spending 'boy time' with my son and getting my two-year-old down for a nap in the way only I know how...I've been heart sick about something."
Spoon the plain vanilla mixture into the prepared tin, followed by the red raspberry mixture, and finally the chocolate mixture.
These small fruits exhibit excellent nutritional characteristics; in particular, these fruits contain more than twice the anthocyanins reported in blackberry and red raspberry fruits (JIN et al., 2008).
LaNeur Vitamin C Serum, which contains rosehip oil, organic neem oil and organic red raspberry, cranberry and blueberry extracts.
Caroline is a red raspberry, productively bearing two crops each growing season of large, conical red berries with sweet, intense flavor.
Soon thousands of bees will be making their way to Whatcom County's fields, to pollinate most of the country's red raspberry crop, as well as the blueberry crop.