red sanders

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: sanders - tree of India and East Indies yielding a hard fragrant timber prized for cabinetwork and dark red heartwood used as a dyewood
genus Pterocarpus, Pterocarpus - genus of tropical trees or climbers having usually broadly winged pods
red sandalwood, ruby wood - hard durable wood of red sandalwood trees (Pterocarpus santalinus); prized for cabinetwork
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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Former Bangor forestry academic Pat Denne, who curates the Timber and Damaged Wood collection, said: "My favourite bit of timber is the red sanders, not only for the local connection of this piece, having been dredged up from off the Great Orme, but also for its fine texture and intense red colour.
The will to win is the only thing." The person who said the "everything" quote was believed to be former UCLA football coach Red Sanders. Sanders was also said to have said, "Winning isn't a matter of life and death.
Other reports said cartels smuggling government protected sandalwood and red sanders trees lured men from border villages of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh to their trade.
There is speculation that they could be outside labourers hired by the Red Sanders smugglers.
It is illegal to cut the trees or sell the wood and as a result"red sanders", as it is called in India, can be worth tens of thousands of pounds a tonne.
After being at the receiving end of allegations that its police force had been in a trigger- happy state of mind, the Andhra Pradesh Police is now out to prove the criminal antecedents of the 20 alleged red sanders smugglers who were killed in an encounter on Tuesday morning in the Seshachalam forest.
Vaiko, while attacking the Andhra Pradesh government for its ''soft approach'' towards the Chittoor encounter, demanded that the immediate arrest of the policemen responsible for the killing of 20 red sanders smugglers in a joint operation on Tuesday.
Chittoor/Chennai: Twenty people were on Tuesday gunned down in Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district in a police operation said to be against red sanders smugglers that came under severe attack from the government and political parties in neighbouring southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which claimed 12 victims were labourers from their state.
? I could just see punters in the bookies foaming at the mouth when they read Jonjo O'Neill's comment: "The horses are running all right, they're just not winning." Clearly the Irishman had never heard of American football coach Red Sanders who said: "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing."
Second only to the export of indigo from India was the trade in what has been variously called dyewood, red sandalwood, or red sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus).
Perhaps he cribbed them from Red Sanders. Whoever gets the (dis)credit, there's no doubt that our competitive individualistic culture provides substantial material rewards, along with a whacking great dose of celebrity, to the athlete who or the team which wins the important race or competition.
Seven people were arrested after the 11 tonnes of Red Sanders was found at Nhava Sheva port, India.The consignment was misdeclared as containing 'cerametal' (a powder) and was headed for Alim Trading LLC.A Red Sanders is a rare variety of sandalwood mostly grown in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, both in Southern India.