red willow

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: willow - Eurasian osier having reddish or purple twigs and bark rich in tannin
genus Salix, Salix - a large and widespread genus varying in size from small shrubs to large trees: willows
osier - any of various willows having pliable twigs used in basketry and furniture
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Every square inch above the bar is covered with pump clips from breweries including Manchester's Blackjack, Macclesfield's Red Willow and Sheffield's Kelham Island.
The partnership acquired the additional interests from Red Willow Offshore LLC, LLOG Bluewater Holdings LLC, and Ridgewood Energy Corp.
(LLOG), along with its Gulf of Mexico joint venture partner, Blackstone Energy Partners, and its co-owners, the entities managed by Ridgewood Energy (which includes Riverstone designated ILX affiliates), Red Willow Offshore, LLC, Calypso Exploration, LLC, Deep Gulf Energy II, LLC, Houston Energy, and American Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE: AMID) announced that the LLOG operated Delta House floating production system (FPS) at Mississippi Canyon 254 achieved its nameplate oil capacity of 80,000 barrels of oil per day.
In our tradition, the dreamcatcher hoops are made from branches of the red willow that grows here.
Israel was in the throes of a building boom for the past week, as everyone -- observant and less observant -- prepared for the holiday by building and decorating Sukkot and choosing the "Four Species." Large market areas were set up for buying wood, schach (the "roof" of the sukkah which must be of plant origin and not be attached so that its temporary nature is clear), and the Four Species: an etrog (citron), a lulav (palm frond), three sprigs of hadas (myrtle) and two branches of arava (red willow).
- Georgianna Houle from Dunseith, ND (Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa) - Red Willow Basket Making
This eighth edition of the Good Bottled Beer Guide features some relatively new breweries which have quickly made a name for themselves in the beer world - the likes of The Kernel, Red Willow, and Rebel, to name but a few.
Noble Energy, Inc., Red Willow Offshore, LLC, and Houston Energy, L.P., are co-owners.
Tributaries from which the species has been collected include Alliance Drain, Sheep Creek, Winters and Ninemile Creeks in Scottsbluff County; Cedar, Red Willow, and Indian Creeks in Morrill County; Blue Creek in Garden County; Whitetail, Otter and Lonergan Creeks in Keith County; Birdwood and Whitehorse Creeks in Lincoln County; as well as the Sutherland Canal and Lake Maloney in Lincoln County.