red worm

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: worm - terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soilred worm - terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soil; often surfaces when the ground is cool or wet; used as bait by anglers
oligochaete, oligochaete worm - hermaphroditic terrestrial and aquatic annelids having bristles borne singly along the length of the body
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The Secondary is largely made up of red worms and moles.
In 2001, the Code Red worm made headlines by exploiting a flaw in the Microsoft Internet Information Server to spread globally in a few hours.
Gary Neale returned nine trout that came to a red worm pattern fly; Ray Saunders had a red buzzer to thank for his half dozen rainbows; Duncan Spencely returned five and four were put back by Robin Vale, Adrian Jones, Adam Morgan and Paul Phillips.
At its height, the Slammer Worm sent 55 million database requests across the globe and is said to have spread within just 15 minutes, surpassing the speed of the Code Red Worm from 2001.
Most fishers will simply imitate a red worm by tying a thick string on a hook.
Some like to fish for them with fly, others with bait such as maggot or a little red worm threaded on to a tiny hook and float fished on 2lb breaking strain nylon.
Attack of American worm, Army worm, Red worm and others could poise a serious threat to cotton production experts suggested the growers to properly check the crop twice a week.
The Arts Festival also included interactive art-making with recycled materials; display of a working red worm "farm," showing how nature recycles; a fashion show featuring articles of clothing made from recycled materials; displays and performances by community artists and crafts people; information tables hosted by local organizations; performances by the Thomas Prince School chorus and band; and food and refreshments served in the "Good Earth Cafe." The entire Arts Festival provided an opportunity to educate more than 350 students and the greater community on the civic and community responsibility of conserving energy and protecting the environment through recycling efforts.
Other pictures include a brown bear, a frog, flying geese, and a red worm. Many of the photographs depict their subjects up close and in enough detail for children to witness a pool's ripples, a pumpkin's ridges, a bear's whiskers, a frog's spots, and even the insides of the translucent red worm.
Morphology and nucleotide sequence of two genes for the red worm (Pheretima peguana) were distinct from Eudrilus eugeniae but were similar to the blue worm (Perionyx excavatus) and Lao worm (P.
"Regular customers usually have around two or three counts in a year and then worm the horse according to the count and for things we cannot count for, like tapeworm, encysted red worm and bots, which are a problem in some places.
Feeder and red worm was his chosen method, and anglers were mainly pleased to have a match that was not dominated by bream.