red-bellied woodpecker

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red-bel·lied woodpecker

An eastern North American woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus) having a black-and-white barred back, bright red nape or hood, and pale underparts, sometimes with a pink tint.
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Bartonella species detected in birds * Bird common name Bird species House sparrow Passer domesticus Boat-tailed grackle Quiscalus major Mourning dove Zenaida macroura Herring gulil ([dagger]) Larus argentatus House finch Carpodacus mexicanus Blue jay Cyanocitta cristata Song sparrow Melospiza melodia Northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis Northern mockingbird Mimus polyglottos European starling Sturnus vulgaris Red-winged blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus Brown thrasher Toxostoma rufum Tufted titmouse Baeolophus bicolor Red-bellied woodpecker Melanerpes carolinus Common grackle Quiscalus quiscula Common loon ([dagger]) Gavia immer Red-headed woodpecker Melanerpes erythrocephalus Brown pelican ([dagger]) Pelicanus occidentalis Collared dove Streptopelia decaocto No.
Red-bellied woodpeckers (Melanerpes carolinus) typically can excavate a completed cavity within two weeks (Shackelford et al.
Three woodpecker species in Michigan, the downy woodpecker, Picoides pubescens, the hairy woodpecker, Picoides villosus, and the red-bellied woodpecker, Melanerpes carolinus, are the most likely to forage extensively for EAB.
One subzero day in January, I watched with rapt amazement as a female red-bellied woodpecker probed the cells of the nest with her long bill.
The red-bellied woodpecker presents an interesting case study of a species expanding its distribution in New York.
Age of first breeding attempts by Golden-fronted Woodpeckers is consistent with that of its congener the Red-bellied Woodpecker, Melanerpes carolinus (cf.
The northern cardinal, red-bellied woodpecker, tufted titmouse and Carolina wren are relatively new additions to many New York backyards and continue to expand their ranges to the north.
Southern birds like the cardinal, titmouse, mockingbird, Carolina wren and red-bellied woodpecker have moved up here in great numbers during my lifetime.
CBC data illustrate northward expansion of the range of species such as tufted titmouse, northern cardinal, northern mockingbird, and red-bellied woodpecker. DEC's Larry Alden, compiler of the count in Troy, notes that CBCs " ...
Belted kingfisher, 7; red-bellied woodpecker, 20; yellow-bellied sapsucker, 1; downy woodpecker, 147; hairy woodpecker, 36; pileated woodpecker, 2.
Red-bellied Woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus): Zebra-backed with white rump and red cap.