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He leapt up lightly, arranged the reins, and was gone between the tall red-berried hedges.
Autumn and winter don't have to be dull if you have a patio and some pots, because even a pot or two of dainty violas or a mixture of heathers and red-berried evergreens or coloured stems will perk up any outside space.
Our collection of four consists of one each of pink, white and red-berried varieties plus one male Pernettya "Thymifolia", which flowers in summer and cross-fertilises the female berry-bearing Pernettya.
If not you can always take some berries off a skimmia or other red-berried tree or shrub, stick each on to a piece of wire and fake it!
The red-berried elder, Sambucus pubens, produces very acrid-tasting red berries that are known to be somewhat toxic, causing digestive upsets.
Each divided leaf is composed of five to 11 leaflets in the common elder, and five to seven in the red-berried elder.
In the red-berried variety, flowers are fragrant, 1/4" wide, with five white or ivory petals.
-MAKE a stunning pot combination of pink-leaved ornamental kale and red-berried skimmia reevesiana or pink heathers and Slimmia rubella which has pink buds that open to white flowers in spring.
Red-berried dogwood - white flowers in spring and striking red stems in autumn and winter.
Plus take advantage of our shrub offer - they're pounds 1.99 each and buy five or more and we'll send you a garden trowel Choose from A: dark pink wild rose with hips in autumn, B: yellow Oregon grape with black berries in autumn, C: guelder rose with white flowers in summer, D: buddleia with purple spiked flowers, E: purple lavender and F: red-berried dogwood, white flowers in spring.The shrubs are cell-grown in root trainers with 12cm root balls, ready for immediate planting.