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or red-head·ed  (rĕd′hĕd′ĭd)
1. Having red hair.
2. Having a red head: a redheaded bird.


1. (of a person) having red hair
2. (Zoology) (of an animal) having a red head


having red hair or a red head.


[ˈredˈhedɪd] ADJpelirrojo
References in classic literature ?
"TO THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE: On account of the bequest of the late Ezekiah Hopkins, of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, U.
A red-headed man was working in the garden; and to him Mr.
Wilt thou, for my sake, speak harshly to this red-headed outlander?
When the animals and the little boy saw the Doctor and Jip coming back to the ship with a red-headed man, they began to cheer and yell and dance about the boat.
And now, in there steps a man, a Campbell, red-headed Colin of Glenure "
You see, he was pretty old, and George's g'yirls was too young to be much company for him, except Mary Jane, the red-headed one; and so he was kinder lonesome after George and his wife died, and didn't seem to care much to live.
"It came in this way," he said, sitting down once more: "I was passing this way, hoping to reach Lymington ere nightfall when I came on this red-headed knave seated even where we are sitting now.
He noticed you in class today, and asked me who the red-headed girl was.
Prest had floated away, giving me a rendezvous at the end of half an hour by some neighboring water steps; and I had been let into the house, after pulling the rusty bell wire, by a little red-headed, white-faced maidservant, who was very young and not ugly and wore clicking pattens and a shawl in the fashion of a hood.
I always liked McArdle, the crabbed, old, round-backed, red-headed news editor, and I rather hoped that he liked me.
About the period when the churches convene at Edinburgh in their annual assemblies, he was to be seen descending the Mound in the company of divers red-headed clergymen: these voluble, he only contributing oracular nods, brief negatives, and the austere spectacle of his stretched upper lip.
It was dated from next door, and was handed in by the red-headed page after breakfast.