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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - mark with red ink; "red-ink the area that is restricted"
ink - fill with ink; "ink a pen"
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Deputy Director DASB Faisalabad Lt Col (Retd) Mohammad Yaqoob said here on Saturday that Matric pass retired JCOs/NCOs who have age between 50 to 57 years and no red-ink entry in their service record were illegible for applying.
With ez1099 banks, credit unions and investment groups can print Copy B and C of Form 1099 for recipients and payers on plain white paper and print Copy A on the blank red-ink forms required for filing with the IRS.
The current account balance -- the broadest gauge of trade -- swung back to the black after registering a record red-ink figure in January.
Little work has been done on the annotations of the Butler-Bowdon manuscript beyond some discussion of the so-called "Red-Ink Annotator," who seems to be associated with the Carthusian priory of Mount Grace in Yorkshire.
Welcome to "red-ink behavior"--the working manners, habits and styles that can directly and negatively impact the bottom line of a company unit, department, or the entire firm.
The implementation of a proposed ''pro forma standard tax'' would oblige red-ink companies that have been exempt from tax to pay an average 1.79 million yen every year, four industry bodies said Wednesday.
All throughout, the red-ink editing escalates, consuming much of the manager's time and energy and enraging the writer-sinners.
San Francisco, for example, imposes a mass transit fee of up to $5.00 a square foot on commercial development to help pay the massive tab for BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and other red-ink transit projects.
(Rtd) Muhammad Yaqoob said here Saturday that Matric Pass retired JCOs/NCOs aged between 50 to 57 years and no red-ink entry in their service record are illegible for applying.
Since IRS does not certify the laser substitute forms right now, ezW2 needs to print the 1099-Copy A and 1096 on the red-ink forms.
The current account balance -- the broadest gauge of trade -- registered the biggest red-ink figure since comparable data became available in January 1985.
This method enables taxes to be collected from even red-ink companies.