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Memorably happy: a red-letter day.

[From the practice of marking in red the holy days in church calendars.]
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1. marked by red letters, as festival days in the church calendar.
2. memorable; especially important or happy: a red-letter day in my life.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - memorable for being a special occasion; "on red-letter nights a large gathering greeted the celebrity"
unforgettable - impossible to forget
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[ˈredˈletəʳ] ADJ red-letter day (fig) (= memorable day) → día m señalado
red-letter version (of Bible) edición de la Biblia con la palabra de Jesucristo impresa en rojo
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"Well," said the Truthful Man, "the weather is not right for fishing, but it's a red-letter day for music."
Wednesdays and Saturdays came to be, indeed, red-letter days to her.
"It is a great day for me, sir--one of the red-letter days of my life," he cried with many chuckles.
So wind and frost and snow, and perhaps a good stiff storm of hail, were Toby Veck's red-letter days.
A bulky, blue-chinned man in white clothes, his name red-lettered across his lower shirtfront, spluttering from under a green-lined umbrella almost tearful appeals to be introduced to the Unintroducible; naming loudly the Unnameable; dancing, as it seemed, in perverse joy at mere mention of the Unmentionable--found those limits.
Cafes and restaurants will be open, too.Shops will be closed again on September 15, when Slovakia marks the Day of Our Lady of Sorrows, which is a red-letter day.
He said that on this red-letter day they were along with the Hindu community.
He said: "You'll be at the helm of government, a business leader, entrepreneur, and many more so that this event is a red-letter day not only for you and also for your country as well." "It goes without saying that I join you, your parents and your country in celebrating this event.
December 11, however ,was a red-letter day for me when I read his excellent correspondence in The Journal when he debunked the theories of the climate change/global warming zealots.
The apprentice kicked off a red-letter day in his short career when David O'Meara's Chancery (9-1) powered home in the 1m2f event.
TORONADO laid down a decent standard for next year's Classics with a hard-fought win in the One Call Insurance Champagne Stakes on a red-letter day for trainer Richard Hannon at Doncaster.
It was a double red-letter weekend for Z Team member Gus Brindle.