red-necked grebe

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: grebe - large stocky grebe of circumpolar regions having a dark neck
grebe - small compact-bodied almost completely aquatic bird that builds floating nests; similar to loons but smaller and with lobate rather than webbed feet
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While stalking the kittiwake, some lucky birders also bagged snowy owl and red-necked grebe -- not a bad trifecta
Dotterel STEPHEN CULLEY Another is on the Inland Sea, with a Red-necked Grebe - last week off Holyhead's Soldier's Point - now relocated off Penrhos Coastal Park: being in moult, it won't go too far anytime soon.
Nearby, the red-necked grebe remains at RSPB Valley Lakes and rose-coloured starling at Holyhead, while a couple of Slavonian grebes and five Med gulls were at Penrhos Coastal Park.
The lake is also the only nesting site in Slovenia for the red-necked grebe, the redshank and the ferruginous duck as well as a breeding place for the corncrake.
I was happy to read that every time the scientist mentioned in the article on the red-necked grebe ["Helldiver," June/July 1999] handles one of the birds for tagging, she gets pooped on by the bird.
A RED-NECKED grebe found at RSPB Valley Lakes has been the topic of much debate this week after local birder Chris Jones pondered whether it might be of the North American race, holboelli.
Yesterday in Dunkirk Harbor, the year's first red-necked grebe appeared, northbound and resplendent in the rusty red neck, bright white throat, and striking yellow bill of its breeding dress.
Just when scientists think they understand the red-necked grebe, they discover something surprising about the water bird's behavior
Hawfinches are at Llanbedr-y-Cennin, Llanelltyd and NWWT The Spinnies, while the Red-necked Grebe remains in Porthmadog Harbour, with two Siberian Chiffchaffs at the nearby allotments.
The Twitch team went on to find two green sandpipers and a bittern on the lake margins and a red-necked grebe at RSPB Valley Lakes.
Bird highlights this week include Siberian Chiffchaff at RSPB Malltraeth Marsh, Snow Buntings on Holyhead breakwater and at Kinmel Bay, and Slavonian and Red-necked Grebe off Aber Ogwen beach.