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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - rimmed with red; "your red-rimmed eyes reveal that you have been crying"
rimmed - having a rim or a rim of a specified kind; "do you wear rimmed or rimless glasses?"
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He looked up at the two perched high above him, his red-rimmed eyes blazing with insane hatred, and then he wound his trunk about the bole of the tree, spread his giant feet wide apart and tugged to uproot the jungle giant.
Taug, but a moment before filled with rage toward Tarzan of the Apes, stood close to the battling pair, his red-rimmed, wicked little eyes glaring at them.
The old woman faced round and looked keenly at him from her little red-rimmed eyes.
Stanley Hopkins led us first to the house, where he introduced us to a haggard, gray-haired woman, the widow of the murdered man, whose gaunt and deep-lined face, with the furtive look of terror in the depths of her red-rimmed eyes, told of the years of hardship and ill-usage which she had endured.
The car's red-rimmed Start button pulses from the moment you enter the cabin and continues at 30 beats per minute until the engine is fired up.
The thick black ones and the funky red-rimmed ones, prompted a look of horror on Mrs R's face I could have seen even without ocular aids.
In the picture, the two can be seen smiling, with Bolzico wearing red-rimmed sunglasses.
"But now I am here, I realise I am not alone." In the morning, survivors and bereaved people with red-rimmed eyes, many dressed in green, said they had been up all night, unable to sleep.
Now that triumph, hard won over a rectangle of cardboard, was real game playing satisfaction - or so you'll tell the young video gamer with his or her red-rimmed eyes.
Asked if he planned to dedicate the season to his mother, Benjamin said: "I'm dedicating every snap, every play - every time I step on the field is for my mom." Speaking to reporters for the first time since the end of last season, Benjamin talked with red-rimmed eyes about his relationship with his mother, who raised him and his three siblings on her own in Belle Glade, Fla.
I picture the visitors popping in, the endless cups of tea, the red-rimmed eyes or the tears that won't come because the shock is too great.