red-tapeism, red-tapism

the practice of requiring excessive paperwork and tedious procedures before official action can be considered or completed. Also called red-tapery. — red-tapist n.
See also: Bureaucracy
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Bangladesh, on independence, drastically changed the old complex procedures breeding red-tapism and corruption.
AS it often happens in our neck of the woods, a good deed aimed at making people's life convenient doesn't get readily acknowledged there's too much red-tapism involved.
He conceded that there was a culture of red-tapism in the country but that was getting better.
On this the chief minister expressed his displeasure and summoned the file from the finance department and approved it during the meeting The chief minister said that he would not tolerate official red-tapism.
While a Pakistani Head of State or of Government needs to represent Pakistan Davos every year, the private sector participation also needs to be drastically expanded if we are to take advantage of commercial opportunities that can be networked in Davos and government-to-government interaction without the restraints shackles of red-tapism and protocol (the writer is a defence and security analyst).
Lack of imagination and planning, sloth and red-tapism continue to be our road blocks.
They urged the government to get removed all bureaucratic hurdles that were coming in the way of smooth inflow of foreign remittances to Pakistan, asserting that a large number of overseas Pakistanis were keen to invest in Pakistan but red-tapism was keeping them away.
The climate of investment in Pakistan is very conducive for investment as red-tapism and regulations have been eased to quite an extent to attract foreign direct investment.
Billions of Rupees in subsidy payments are continuously stuck up due to Red-tapism and institutional lethargy.
Political interference, delay due to frequent change of hands, swindling and misuse of allotted finance and red-tapism are some of the common bottle necks of the water supply system for domestic and non-domestic use.
The sources said that the red-tapism prevails in the Pakistan Railways has resulted in unfortunate climax.
The red-tapism in government offices also affects delivery time.