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tr.v. red·bait·ed, red·bait·ing, red·baits
To accuse, denounce, or attack (a person, for example) as a Communist or a Communist sympathizer.

red′bait′er n.
red′bait′ing n.
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vb (tr)
to harass communists or people with left-wing beliefs
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to accuse a person or group of being communistic or communist.
red′bait`er, n.
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fame, and Ashley Montagu, the debonair English anthropologist redbaited
Lieberman redbaited Weicker on foreign policy and had the support of William F.
He also courageously resisted the CIO's first moves toward its eventual purge of left-led unions, fearing that "a new red scare would discredit all forces on the left, non-Communist and Communist alike, resulting in political sterility and conformism." Heavily redbaited himself-just as he had been in the twenties-he was forced out of his CIO post in 1948.
This public stance has enhanced IPPNW's credibity in the United States and may be one reason that the group has avoided being redbaited. Ironically, IPPNW's public position differs from the private views of the group's national and international leadership, who generally see the United States as the main force responsible for the nuclear arms race and continuing nuclear tensions.
It has even been redbaited by right-wing talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh-a development that veteran Congress watcher Phil Duncan sees as "a sure sign that the Progressive Caucus is having an impact."
It's like a natural instinct." Former Times reporter Gay Talese, who has written a history of the paper (The Kingdom and the Power) disagrees on one count, citing the demise of Robert Shelton and Peter Whitney, redbaited from their desks under the watchful eye of James Reston.
Yet during the Senate primary, when she took a stand against California oil and corporate agricultural interests, her Democratic opponent, Manchester Boddy, had redbaited her viciously, labeling her "the Pink Lady" and linking her to the radical New York Representative Vito Marcantonio--who was widely regarded as an ally of the Communist Party.
The Teachers Union, Local 5 of the American Federation of Teachers, was founded in 1916 and was redbaited out of existence by 1964 and replaced by the more conservative, anti-communist United Federation of Teachers.
Shearer was redbaited and responded by denying aspects of his democratic socialist beliefs and activist past, losing his credibility with the leftist groups the Administration wanted him to stroke.
Not since Senator Joe McCarthy redbaited Dean Acheson's State Department has there been such a discrepancy in numbers.
The revisionists were redbaited; opponents called Williams a "procommunist scholar.' But against the backdrop of popular and academic disaffection with the war, the revisionists made considerable headway.
"One couldn't help but be politicized in the conflict between the socalled Free World and the Communist bloc I was one of those put under surveillance by the military intelligence, attested to by Boni Gillego, and Redbaited by some from the religious community led by a Jesuit priest."