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While it is true that the donors reserved the 'right, ownership, possession, and administration of the property' and made the donation operative upon their death, such reservation (reddendum) in the context of an irrevocable donation simply means that the donors parted with their naked title, maintaining only beneficial ownership of the donated property while they lived.
(46) Does Jupiter not just share Lycaon's passion for slaughter, but even go so far as to replicate his precise methods when he exclaims at 1.190-1: immedicabile corpus ense reddendum est (A body, incurable, must be cut up with a sword), (47) and when he punishes humanity alternately by means of fire (Lycaon's house is attacked vindice flamma, literally, "by avenging fire," in line 230) and water, poena placet diversa, genus mortale sub undis perdere (A different penalty pleases him, (48) namely, to drown humankind 'neath the waves, 260-1)?