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v. red·dened, red·den·ing, red·dens
To make red.
1. To become red.
2. To blush.
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Reddening the snowy streets with the prevailing Republican colour, in winding and tramping through them, as they had reddened them below the snow with a deeper dye, they carried him thus into the courtyard of the building where he lived.
Captain Ahab, said the reddening mate, moving further into the cabin, with a daring so strangely respectful and cautious that it almost seemed not only every way seeking to avoid the slightest outward manifestation of itself, but within also seemed more than half distrustful of itself; A better man than I might well pass over in thee what he would quickly enough resent in a younger man; aye
I called once or twice at your house," said Rostov, reddening.
These would include signs such as reddening of the conjunctiva (the skin around the edges of the eyes), loss of fur around the eyes, partly closing her eyes or rubbing them.
It accelerates the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as puffiness, sagging, blotchiness or reddening of the skin.
It gently exfoliates producing a mild tingly sensation and a slight reddening to the skin although this indicates that the product has worked.
We find similar reddening of quasars from intergalactic dust, and this reddening extends up to ten times beyond the apparent edges of the galaxies themselves," he added.
Any green fruits at the end of the season can be packed in kitchen paper and put in a dark place to ripen, or hang a banana in the plant's branches to speed reddening.
The firework exploded, scorching the conductor's clothing and reddening his leg.
More than all that, though, how does the Government intend enforcing its proposed legislation which would allow smacking unless it caused reddening of the skin or bruising?
Apparently mild smacking will be allowed provided it does not cause bruising or reddening of the skin.
During the study, each leg was separately evaluated to determine the effects of the supplements as well as to determine the progression of CVI through symptoms characterized by the condition including pain, cramps, nighttime swelling, feeling of heaviness and reddening of the skin.