reddish blue

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Noun1.reddish blue - a variable color that lies beyond blue in the spectrumreddish blue - a variable color that lies beyond blue in the spectrum
purple, purpleness - a purple color or pigment
indigo - a blue-violet color
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MY hair is getting thinner, I think I'm going bald My blood is as thin as water, I'm always feeling cold My teeth are made of plastic, I find it hard to chew And the veins on my legs are a kind of reddish blue, At nights although I'm tired I can't sleep, I need the loo, I tell you, I'm not lying, It's sad but all so true.
1Clinically, it is characterised by solitary or multiple violaceous to reddish blue papulonodules and plaques, usually over the trunk and proximal extremities.
Entire mass was congested, reddish blue with dilated vessels over it.
Indigo from India has a reddish blue tint while the cast from Abra has a grayer blue," said Dizon-Ramsay.
Sun Chemical has launched Palomar Alpha Blue 60, a reddish blue high performance effect pigment for coatings that can maintain its color properties for years under the impact of sunlight and other harsh weather conditions, according to the company.
Good co-flocculation performance with violet 23 types when used for reddish blue spot colors.