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Noun1.reddish brown - a shade of brown with a tinge of redreddish brown - a shade of brown with a tinge of red
brown, brownness - an orange of low brightness and saturation
brick red - a bright reddish-brown color
copper color, copper - a reddish-brown color resembling the color of polished copper
Indian red - a reddish-brown color resembling the red soil used as body paint by American Indians
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The building is wholly of wood, reddish brown in tint, a very pleasing color.
'Better,' sighed Miss Squeers, laying a beaver bonnet of a reddish brown with a green veil attached, on Mr Nickleby's shoulder.
The lord, the great personage who did the Maypole so much honour, was about the middle height, of a slender make, and sallow complexion, with an aquiline nose, and long hair of a reddish brown, combed perfectly straight and smooth about his ears, and slightly powdered, but without the faintest vestige of a curl.
Body completely black or blue (except in the rarely collected Synoeca chalibea which is reddish brown ventrally), with virtually no yellow markings.
Even paper-birch bark is smooth and reddish brown until age turns it white and peeling.
While walking in a grove of deciduous pine trees and looking up at their golden and reddish brown leaves, for a moment you will feel like you are in a European country.
During Blood Moon, it turned deep red or reddish brown during eclipses, instead of going completely dark.
'Closer examination on the corpse showed a reddish brown color on his back,' the report read.
Band rationing technique was usedfor the study such as false color composite band ratio used for identifying lithological features ofthe study area.Laki Formation (limestone, Marl and Calcareous Shale rocks) is indicated by reddish yellow to pale yellow color; the Tiyon Formation (shale, Nodular Limestone and Limestone) is indicated by reddish brown to pale green color; the Nari Formation (Limestone, sandstones and shale) is indicated by light brownish green to dark green color; Khirtar Formation (shale, limestone and marl) is indicated by reddish brown to light green color, (Manchar Formation Sandstone and pebbly Conglomerate) is indicated by light blue and reddish brown, while the alluvial sediments and recent deposits) are indicated by light purple, pale green and reddish brown color.
The separated solid was filtered and recrystallized from ethanol to yield pure 4-thiazolidinone derivatives 2a-q as reddish brown crystals.
Moorheim is a better-known variety with dark reddish brown petals.