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Adj.1.reddish-orange - of orange tinged with red
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The only common swan in most places, it is easily recognised by its allwhite body and its reddish-orange bill that has a large black 'knob' at the base.
The false widow is a medium sized spider with a round, brown body, cream-coloured markings and reddish-orange colour legs.
The test "sent a reddish-orange plume into the sky visible for miles around," suggesting a fairly serious malfunction of the engine systems, ( said Spaceflight Now , which described the anomaly as an accident.
The fruit is reddish-orange, flattened and ribbed.Cinderella produces 13-15kg fruit.
It was a 'blood moon', named so due to the reddish-orange colour that the moon takes on during the eclipse.
Through my 130-mm scope at 23x, this nicely contrasting pair shows a pale-yellow-white, 6.3-magnitude primary guarding a reddish-orange, 8.6-magnitude companion 57" to the north-northwest.
Faded and fractured, the reddish-orange image depicts a plump but slender-legged animal, probably a species of wild cattle that still lives on the island, or simply dinner in the eyes of the artist, if one streak of ochre that resembles a spear protruding from its flank is any guide.
There's the reddish-orange candies, which are apple pie-flavored, and mostly taste of cinnamon with a hint of artificial apple.
Across the Malacca Strait in Malaysia, grower Mohamad Isa Mansor issued a dire prediction as he plucked reddish-orange fruits from his trees.
Frankie Hobro, director of Anglesey Sea Zoo, said the reddish-orange Lion's mane is the largest known jellyfish species and can grow as large as two metres (6ft 7ins) in diameter.